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Dry Roasted Whole Hazelnut

These hazelnuts have been cracked as whole nuts, lightly roasted, and then had the pellicle removed. These premium nuts are ideal for chocolate making and eating.

Available in:

  • 100g ($4.50)
  • 200g ($8.50)
  • 500g ($20.50)

Raw Hazelnuts

Freshly cracked, these natural nuts are a real treat to eat. Full of healthy mono and poly unsaturated fats, vitamins A, E and B12. Add to your morning cereal, biscuits and bread.

Available in:

  • 100g ($4.00)
  • 200g ($7.50)
  • 500g ($16.50)

Raw Hazelnut Pieces

Suitable for baking, these nuts range in size from chipped whole nuts, halves, to smaller pieces.

Available in:

  • 500g ($16.00)

Ground Hazelnut, Raw and Roasted

Ground hazelnut suitable for baking, adding as a topping for desserts.

Available in:

  • 200g Roasted ($10.00)
  • 200g Raw ($8.00)
  • 500g Roasted ($22.00)
  • 500g Raw ($18.00)

In-shell Table Hazelnuts

The latest season fresh hazelnuts will make an attractive display in a bowl in your kitchen or dining room until you are ready to crack and eat. Great gift idea.

Available in:

  • 500g ($5.00) netlon bags
  • 1 kilogram ($10.00) bulk quantities

Sliced baking grade hazelnuts

Sliced hazelnuts, ideal to add to baking, desserts or put in your muesli.

Available in:

  • 100g ($4.00)
  • 500g ($16.50)

Cold pressed Canterbury Hazelnut Oil

The finest South Island hazelnuts have been cold pressed in house with our own press. Here the oil is extracted, bottled and gas flushed to ensure its quality and long shelf life. Hazelnut oil has a high smoke point and is perfect for the kitchen. From marinating, sautéing, brushing over the roast vegetables, baking, dipped with bread and your favourite dukkah, blending into a dressing/sauce, an ideal addition to pasta, salads, or drizzling on your favourite dish. It is also ideal for massage and skin care, high in vitamins, proteins and minerals, especially Vitamin E, it is easily absorbed into the skin.

Available in:

  • 100ml ($10.00)
  • 250ml ($20.00)

Hazelnut Flour

Hazelnut Flour is GLUTEN free and ideal for recipes using wholemeal flour. Use it in your favorite recipes, breads and muffins, using a portion of hazelnut flour with standard white flour. Use to thicken pasta, soups and gravy to add that extra nutty flavour. Put a spoonful in meringues or the next Pavlova you make.

Available in:

  • 250g Flour ($5.00)
  • 500g Flour ($10.00)


We can make up gift boxes of any mix of our raw, roast, oil, in shell, and also include a selection of local hand made hazelnut praline chocolates. Make up your own selection or we can provide options. email us for a quote and delivery time

Hazelnut Paste

Fresh Raw New Zealand Hazelnuts milled to a paste for that tasty way to gain all the health benefits of hazelnuts. Enjoy as a spread on its own or with honey, on toast or in sandwiches. Blend into yoghurt or icecream. Add to a biscuit mix. Great with crackers and your favourite cheese. Stir through pasta, add to base of fruit desserts and tarts.

Available in:

  • 190g Jar ($7.95)

Roasted Hazelnut Butter

Fresh Roasted New Zealand Hazelnuts milled to a butter for that extra flavour and goodness of healthy roasted hazelnuts. Enjoy on your toast or in sandwiches. Blend into yoghurt or icecream. Add to a biscuit mix. Use it to make a hazelnut satay sauce instead of peanuts. Stir through pasta, add to base of fruit desserts and tarts.

Available in:

  • 190g Jar ($9.95)

Hazelnut Dukkah / Seasoning

An Egyptian side dish, made from roasted hazelnut, coriander, cumin, and sesame seeds, salted and peppered, this mixture can be used as a dukkah to be dipped with hazelnut oil or your favourite oil. As a seasoning to brush on fish or chicken, a taste enhancer in casseroles, pastas, soups, and salads.

Available in:

  • 35g pack ($3.50)
  • 100g jar ($10.50)

Chocolate Coated Roast Hazelnut

Our premium fresh roasted New Zealand hazelnuts, lovingly rolled by 'She Chocolat' with their dark dairy free chocolate and dusted in cocoa powder. A real treat and oh so yummy!! This product is Vegan.

Available in:

  • 100g ($7.00)
  • 500g ($32.00)

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